The art of the Three Pointer



Curry ties the all time record last night against the T wolves with 12 – 3 pointers.  Unreal.  Curry nails the 12th 3 in OT from 32 feet away, the above video is a highlight real of the entire game including every 3, all of which taken on their own merit are fantastic shots.  He ended the game nailing his final 3 of the night for the win, and landing his 288th 3 pointer of the season.  This breaks his own previous record from the 2014-2015 season of 286 3 pointers.  The catch is, he is only 70% of the way through this season.  At this pace he could post 400 3 pointers by the time this season is over.  Other news sources are saying that this puts him in the same ranks as a Wilt Chamberlain, who is on a similar list with overall points.  If Curry posts 400 by the end of the season, that record alone will not only obliterate everything currently in the record books held by any one individual, but 400 will rival, and could beat, some entire team counts for 3 pointers.   I am almost speechless after witnessing that last game and tremendous shooting display.  It was almost as if no matter where he was on the court, Stephen knew that if it left his hands, it was going through the net.