Curry VS LeBron

OK, I understand that I am biased in this argument because I am a Curry superfan,  So how could I possibly look at this as a level headed argument and weigh in,  well I am going to give it my best shot.  Setting super fandom aside now…..



First off let’s settle the obvious…. Jordan is king, no comparison between LeBron and Jordan, so lets just establish that.  Jordan will always be #1 for the rest of time.  I mean look at that dunk, nothing compares to that grace and flow, and the way he moved on the court, he made basketball look like a ballet, and got a whole lot of gold in the process.  MJ was a different breed.



Now back to the issue at hand, which may ultimately be non conclusive,  I feel like LeBron and Stephen are not quite comparable.  Everyone always wants to pick the best of one skill or generation and try to compare them to another, i.e. Tiger Woods and Jack Nicklaus.  So let me ask you this question basketball lovers.  John Stockton was arguably one of the best point guards ever, and will certainly go down in the record books,  I would say he is more likely to get compared to an Isaiah Thomas rather than a Michael Jordan.  So to me Curry to LeBron is a lot like comparing Stockton to Barkley.  They are just different.  They both scored a lot of points and respectively have their own individual records and accomplishments.  Curry is a lot more nimble and fluid, more like Stockton, while LeBron is a tree!  He is huge and wide much like Barkley, though admittedly much more agile, James does not play the big man role and neither did Jordan.  All I am saying is I think its a little bit of an apples to oranges thing.

Here’s my only other thought trying to remain biased and not bust out stats on you because we get enough of that from Sportscenter.  At one time the conversation of the greatest player and who was the next Jordan revolved around Kobe and Allen Iverson,  right, you remember good ol’ A.I.  Yeah I barely do either.  My point is that by the end of his career A.I. self imploded and left a tarnished legacy.  As flashy as Kobe was I feel his career has done the same thing.  Bad publicity and bad playing will do that, it wears down on you.  LeBron is carrying a huge weight on his shoulders everywhere he goes, but thus far has withheld under the immense pressure which I MUST give him props for.  Curry, has begun to carry a similar weight, but only time will tell how he handles it, whether he upholds that with grace, or he crumbles underneath it as it seems so many have in the past.  You see to me one of the greatest players ever in history was Scottie Pippen.  Why what did he ever do other than win 6 championships with Jordan….  Well there’s that, but Pippen knew he would always be in Jordan’s shadow,  it was always Jordan and Pippen and never the other way around.  What was great about Scottie was he never crumbled, he never got bothered by that, he owned his spot as did the rest of the bulls  and proudly played the supporting role and offered the best they had  to come together and deliver night after night.  There’s nothing wrong with playing second fiddle and if you can set your pride aside you can still be great!  Pippen, Grant, Paxson, Kerr, Longley, B.J, Rodman….. all supporting roles, and they knew it, and they owned it.  Comparison sometimes is poison.   So we will see how Stephen Curry handles the next few years and if he crumbles, or he leads his team well.